NMR properties:

Magnetogyric Ratio NMR frequency Natural abundance (NA) Nuclear spin (I) Quadrupole moment (Q) Reference sample
14 N 1.9337810^7 rad/sT 7.22632MHz 99.636% 1.0 2.044fm²


14 N

(L. nitrum, Gr. Nitron, native soda; genes, forming) Nitrogen was discovered by
chemist and physician Daniel Rutherford in 1772. He removed oxygen and
carbon dioxide from air and showed that the residual gas would not support
combustion or living organisms. At the same time there were other noted
scientists working on the problem of nitrogen. These included Scheele,
Cavendish, Priestley, and others. They called it “burnt or dephlogisticated air,”
which meant air without oxygen.