ACCORDION — 2D technique, simultaneous incrementing of evolution and mixing times
ADA — Alternated Delay Acquisition
ADC — Analog-to-Digital Converter
ADEQUATE — Astonishingly Sensitive Double Quantum Transfer Experiment
ADLF — Adiabatic Demagnetization in the Laboratory Frame
ADRF — Adiabatic Demagnetization in the Rotating Frame
AEE — Average Excitation Energy approximation
AJCP — Adiabatic J Cross Polarization
APT — Attached Proton Test
AQ — Acquire
ARP — Adiabatic Rapid Passage
ASIS — Aromatic Solvent-Induced Shift
ASTM — American Society for Testing and Materials


BB — Broadband, as in decoupling
BIRD — Bilinear Rotating Decoupling
BLEW — A windowless multiple-pulse decoupling sequence
BPP — Bloembergen/Purcell/Pound (theory)
BR-24 — Burum & Rhim (pulse sequence)
BURP — Band-selective Uniform Response Pulse
BWR — Bloch/Wangsness/Redfield (theory)


CAMELSPIN — Cross-relaxation Appropriate for Minimolecules Emulated by Locked Spins
CC — Coupled Cluster
CCPPA — Coupled Cluster Polarization Propagator Approximation
CH-COSY — Carbon-Hydrogen Correlation Spectroscopy
CHESS — Chemical Shift Selective Imaging Sequence
CHF — Coupled Hartree-Fock molecular orbital calculations
CI — Configuration Interaction
CIDEP — Chemically Induced Dynamic Electron Polarization
CIDNP — Chemically Induced Dynamic Nuclear Polarization
CIS — Configuration Interaction with Single excitations
CISD — Configuration Interaction with Single and Double excitations
CISDQ — Configuration Interaction with Single, Double, and Quadrupole excitations
CISDT — Configuration Interaction with Single, Double, and Triple excitations
CISDTQ — Configuration Interaction with Single, Double, Triple, and Quadrupole excitations
COLOC — Correlated Spectroscopy via Long-Range Coupling
COSY — Correlated Spectroscopy
COSY-45 — COSY with 45-degree mixing pulse
COSYDEC — COSY with F1 Decoupling
COSYLR — COSY for Long-Range coupling
CP — Cross Polarization
CPD — Composite-Pulse Decoupling
CPMAS — Cross Polarization Magic Angle Spinning
CPMG — Carr-Purcell-Meiboom-Gill Sequence
CRAZED — Correlated Spectroscopy Revamped by Asymmetric Z-gradient Echo Detection
CSA — Chemical Shift Anisotropy
CSCM — Chemical Shift Correlation Map
CSI — Chemical Shift Imaging
CT — Constant Time
CW — Continuous Wave
CYCLCROP — Cyclic Cross Polarization
CYCLOPS — Cyclically Ordered Phase Sequence
CYCLPOT — Cyclic Polarization Transfer


DAC — Digital-to-Analog Converter
DANTE — Delay Alternating with Nutation for Tailored Excitation
DAS — Dynamic Angle Spinning
DCNMR — NMR in Presence of an Electric Direct Current
DD — Dipole-Dipole
DECSY — Double-quantum Echo Correlated Spectroscopy
DEFT — Driven Equilibrium Fourier Transform
DEPT — Distortionless Enhancement by Polarization Transfer
DEPTH — spin-echo sequence for spatial localization
DFT — Density Functional Theory or Discrete Fourier Transformation
DIGGER — Discreet Isolation from Gradient-Governed Elimination of Resonances
DIPSI — Composite-pulse Decoupling In the Presence of Scalar Interactions
DISCO — DIfferences and Sums within COSY
DLB — Differential Line Broadening
DNMR — Dynamic NMR
DNP — Dynamic Nuclear Polarization
DNQR — Double Nuclear Quadruple Resonance
DOPT — Dipolar Order Polarization Transfer
DOR — Double-Orientation Rotation
DOUBTFUL — Double Quantum Transition for Finding Unresolved Lines
DQ — Double Quantum
DQ/ZQ — Double Quantum/Zero Quantum Spectroscopy
DQC — Double Quantum Coherence
DQF — Double Quantum Filter
DQF-COSY — Double Quantum Filtered COSY
DQSY — Double-Quantum COSY
DRESS — Depth Resolved Spectrosocpy
DSA — Data-Shift Acquisition


EFG — Electric Field Gradient
ELD — Energy Level Diagram
EM — Exponential Multiplication
EMF — Electromagnetic Field Electromotive Force
ENDOR — Electron-Nuclear Double Resonance
ENMR — Electrophoretic NMR
EOM — Equation of Motion
EPI — Echo-Planar Imaging
EPR — Electron Paramagnetic Resonance
EPS — Echo-Planar Spectroscopy
ES — Echo Spacing
ESP — Echo Spacing
ESR — Electron Spin Resonance
EXORCYCLE — 4-step phase cycle for spin echoes
EXSY — Exchange Spectroscopy


FC — Fermi Contact or Field Cycling
FCI — Full Configuration Interaction
FFE — Fast Field Echo
FFT — Fast Fourier Transform
FID — Free Induction Decay
FIDS — FItting of Doublets and Singlets
FLASH — Fast Low-Angle SHot imaging
FLOPSY — Flip-flop Spectroscopy
FOCSY — Foldover-Corrected Spectroscopy
FOV — Field of View
FPT — Finite Perturbation Theory
FT — Fourier Transform
FUCOUP — Fully Coupled Spectroscopy
FWHM — Full (line) Width at Half Maximum


fMRI — funtional MRI


GARP — Globaly Optimized Alternating Phase Rectangular Pulses
GE — Gradient Echo
GES — Gradient-Echo Spectroscopy
GIAO — Gauge Included Atomic Orbitas
GRASS — Gradient-Recalled Acquisition in the Steady State
GRE — Gradient-Recalled Echo
GRECCO — GRadient-Enhanced Carbon COupling
GROESY — Gradient-Enhanced Selective 1D ROESY
GROPE — Generalized compensation for Resonance Offset and Pulse length Errors
GS — Gradient Spectroscopy


HEHAHA — HEteronuclear HArtmann HAhn
HETCOR — Heteronuclear Correlation Spectroscopy
HMBC — Heteronuclear Multiple-Bond Correlation
HMQ — Heteronuclear Multiple-Quantum
HMQC — Heteronuclear Multiple-Quantum Coherence
HNCO — HN(i), N(i ), C'O(i -1) 3D shift correlation
HOESY — Heteronuclear Overhauser Effect SpectroscopY
HOHAHA — HOmonuclear HArtmann-HAhn Spectroscopy
HR — High Resolution
HRPA — Higher Random Phase Approximation
HSQC — Heteronuclear Single Quantum Coherence


IDESS — Improved DEpth Selective single surface coil Spectroscopy
IGLO — Individual Gauge for different Localized Orbitals
INADEQUATE — Incredible Natural Abundance Double Quantum Transfer Experiment
INDO — Intermediate Neglect of Differential Overlap
INDOR — INternuclear DOuble Resonance
INEPT — Insensitive Nuclei Enhanced by Polarization Transfer
INVERSE — H, X correlation via 1H detection
IR — Inversion-Recovery
ISIS — Image-Selected In-vivo Spectroscopy (single-voxel)
IST — Irreducible Spherical Tensor


JCP — J Cross-Polarization
JR — Jump-and-Return sequence


LAS — Laboratory Axis System
LDA — Local density approximation
LIS — Lanthanide Induced Shift
LORG — Local ORiGin
LOSY — LOcalized SpectroscopY
LP — Linear Polarization, Linear Prediction
LSDA — Local spin density approximation
LSR — Lanthanide Shift Reagent


MAGROFI — Magnetization Grid Rotating-Frame Imaging
MARF — Magic Angle in the Rotating Frame
MAS — Magic-Angle Spinning
MASS — Magic-Angle Sample Spinning
MEDUSA — Technique for the Determination of Dynamic Structures
MEM — Maximum Entropy Method
MLEV — M. Levitt’s CPD sequence
MP — Multiple Pulse
MP2 — Second order Møller-Plesset perturbation theory
MP3 — Third order Møller-Plesset perturbation theory
MP4 — Forth order Møller-Plesset perturbation theory
MQ — Multiple-Quantum
MQC — Multiple-Quantum Coherence
MREV — Mansfield-Rhim-Elleman-Vaughan sequence for dipolar line narrowing
MRI — Magnetic Resonance Imaging
MRS — Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
MRSI — Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging
MRT — Magnetic Resonance Tomography
MSPGSE — Multiple-Stepped PGSE


NERO — Nonlinear Excitation with Rejection on Resonance
NOE — Nuclear Overhauser Effect
NOESY — NOE-based 2D shift correlation
NQCC — Nuclear Quadrupole Coupling Constant
NQR — Nuclear quadruple resonance


ODMR — Optically Detected Magnetic Resonance
OSIRIR — Outer-Volume-Suppressed Image-Related In vivo Spectroscopy – a modification of ISIS


PAR — Phase-Alternated Rotation of magnetization
PAS — Principal Axis System
PENDANT — Polarization Enhancement During Attached Nucleus Testing
PFG — Pulsed Field Gradient
PGSE — Pulsed Gradient Spin Echo
PMFG — Pulsed Magnetic Field Gradient
POF — Product Operator Formalism
PRE — Proton Relaxation Enhancement or Paramagnetic Relaxation Enhancement
PRESS — Point-RESolved Spectroscopy
PRFT — Partially Relaxed Fourier Transform
PSD — Phase-Sensitive Detection
PW — Pulse Width


QF — Quadrupole moment/Field gradient (interaction or relaxation mechanism)
QPD — Quadrature Phase Detection


RARE — Rapid Acquisition Relaxation Enhanced
RCT — Relayed Coherence Transfer
RE-BURP — Refocused Band-selective Uniform Response Pure phase
RECSY — Multistep RElayed Coherence Spectroscopy
REDOR — Rotational Echo DOuble Resonance
RELAY — Relay ed Correlation Spectroscopy
RF — Radio Frequency
RIDE — RIng Down Elimination
RODI — ROtatin-grame relaxation Dispersion Imaging
ROESY — ROE-based 2D shift correlation
RPA — Random Phase Approximation


SA — Shielding Anisotropy
SC — Scalar Coupling
SCF — Self-Consistent Field
SCPT — Self-Consisted Perturbation Theory
SD — Spin Dipolar
SDDS — Spin Decoupling Difference Spectroscopy
SE — Spin Echo
SECSY — Spin-Echo Correlated SpectroscopY
SEDOR — Spin-Echo DOuble Resonance
SEDUCE — SElective Decoupling Using Crafted Excitation
SEFT — Spin-Echo Fourier Transform Spectroscopy (with J modulation)
SELINCOR — SElective INverse CORrelation
SELRESOLV — SELective RESolution of C, H Coupling
SEMUT — Subspectral Editing Using a MUltiple-Quantum Trap
SERF — SElective ReFocussing
SESAM — SEmi-Selective Acquisition Modulated (Decoupling)
SFORD — Single Frequency Off-Resonance Decoupling
SGSE — Steady-Gradient Spin-Echo
SKEWSY — Skewed Exchange SpectroscopY
SL — Spin-Lock pulse
SLITDRESS — SLIce inTerleaved Depth REsolved Surface coil Spectroscopy
SLOPT — Spin-LOcking Polarization Transfer
SOPPA — Second-Order Polarization Propagator Approach
SPACE — SPAtial and Chemical-Shift Encoded Excitation
SPI — Selective Population Inversion
SPT — Selective Population Transfer
SQC — Single-Quantum Coherence
SQF — Single-Quantum Filter
SR — Saturation-Recovery
SSFP — Steady-State Free Precession
SSI — Solid State Imaging
STE — STimulated Echo
STEAM — STimulated Echo Acquisition Mode for imaging


TANGO — Testing for Adjacent Nuclei with a Gyration Operator
TART — Tip Angle Reduced T1 Imaging
TCF — Time Correlation Function
TE — Time delay between excitation and Echo maximum
TMR — Topical Magnetic Resonance
TOCSY — TOtal Correlation SpectroscopY
TOE — Truncated NOE
TOSS — TOtal Suppression of Sidebands
TPPI — Time-Proportional Phase Incrementation
TQ — Triple-Quantum
TQF — Triple-Quantum Filter
TR — Time for Repetition of excitation
TRCF — Tilted Rotating Coordinate Frame
TROSY — Transverse Relaxation Optimised SpectroscopY
TSETSE — double-resonance Two-Spin Effect for correlation spectroscopy


UE — Unpaired Electron (relaxation mechanism


VAS — Variable Angle Spinning
VOSING — VOlume-selective Spectral editing
VOSY — VOlume-Selective SpectroscopY


WAHUHA — WAugh-HUber-HAeberlen Sequence
WALTZ — CPD Sequence Containing the Elements 1-2-3
WATERGATE — WATER suppression through GrAdient Tailored Excitation
WEFT — Water Eliminated Fourier Transform
WURST — Wideband, Uniform Rate, and Smooth Truncation – an adiabatic ecoupling sequence


X-FILTER — Selection of 1H-1H correlation when both H are coupled to X
X-HALF-FILTER — Selection of 1H-1H correlation when one H is coupled to X
XCORFE — H, X CORrelation using a Fixed Evolution time


Z-COSY — Z-filtered COSY
Z-FILTER — pulse sandwich for elimination of signal components with dispersive phase
ZECSY — Zero-Quantum-Echo Correlation SpectroscopY
ZFS — Zero Field Splitting
ZQ — Zero Quantum
ZQC — Zero-Quantum Coherence
ZQF — Zero-Quantum Filter


АФМР — Антиферромагнитный резонанс


ГЭП — Градиент Электрического Поля


ДЯКР — Двойной Ядерный Квадрупольный Резонанс
ДЯП — Динамическая Ядерная Поляризация


ККС — Константа квадрупольной связи


МО ЛКАО — Молекулярная Орбиталь – Линейная Комбинация Атомных Орбиталей
МРТ — Магниторезонансная Томография


ПАВ — Поверхностно Активные Вещества


РЧ — Радиочастотный


ССП — Самосогласованное Поле
СТВ — Сверхтонкое Взаимодействие
СТП — Сверхтонкое Поле
СЭДР — Спин-Эхо Двойной Резонанс


ФМР — Ферромагнитный Резонанс


ЭПР — Электронный Парамагнитный Резонанс


ЯКР — Ядерный Квадрупольный Резонанс
ЯМР — Ядерный Магнитный Резонанс